Mar 25

Service? Support? Help?… these are good enough anymore.

mikeA few years ago I was looking for the right word to describe the IT Help Desk. I attended a meeting to talk about it and so many words were thrown around, “support” and “help” or ”service” and many more.  While these are great words, they just didn’t seem right to me. I left the meeting not satisfied with the words we talked about. This haunted me for a long time, I wanted to have a single word represent exactly how I wanted my team to function.

Finally, my brother and I went to the movies, It was an O.K. flick… Captain Philips, it is a about a shipping boat Captain that gets kidnapped my pirates and spends many hours in a fight or flight mode until he is rescued by the US military.  There is a scene in the movie when Captain Philips has been rescued and they are bringing him on the battle ship you slowly see Captain Philips drop his guard and relax. He begins to cry and shake as he realized he was safe. He was at that moment relieved of the burden of the ordeal. So when I saw this I yelled out (in the theatre, yes I know I was that guy) “that’s it! Relief!”

So I finally found my word, relief, we need to relieve our users of their technical issues and worries. When they call the Help Desk or when we show up on-site to help them to think and feel “Wonderful, IS is here and they are going to take care of this issue, I can stop worrying about it.” So we started to use the word relieved at the support center for about 2 years and it has drastically change the conversation around how we work with our users and the issues they present us with. Good Luck

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  1. Donald Chew

    Well said, mike!

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