Feb 05

Staff Satisfaction in Technical Support

chart showing percentages of satisfied employees
In the HDI 2015 Support Center Practices & Salary Report, released in November, we published findings on employee satisfaction in the industry. Not all of the 803 respondent organizations measure employee satisfaction, but the news is mostly good in those organizations that do measure.

  • 465 organizations reported having satisfied or very satisfied staff
  • Only 71 organizations reported dissatisfied or very dissatisfied staff
These stats include only the organizations that contributed answers to this section of our survey. About a quarter (24%) of these organizations measure employee satisfaction annually; 14% measure monthly and 12% measure weekly.
What keeps employees satisfied?
In the organizations that have satisfied or very satisfied staff, the largest contributing factor named was relationships within the team (72% of these respondents), and the second largest (65%) was management.
The remaining three of the top five reasons for a satisfied staff were:
  • Compensation including benefits (52%)
  • Organizational culture (51%)
  • Paid time off (49%)

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