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Mar 25

Service? Support? Help?… these are good enough anymore.

A few years ago I was looking for the right word to describe the IT Help Desk. I attended a meeting to talk about it and so many words were thrown around, “support” and “help” or ”service” and many more.  While these are great words, they just didn’t seem right to me. I left the meeting not satisfied …

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Feb 20

Seek to Understand

Each day our users contact us with issues they need us to resolve. Before we can help them we need them to describe to us their needs over the phone which can be very challenging. Sometimes we can remote into their computers and that give us an additional tool that will help us understand. It can be a …

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Jan 06


Accountability is one of the key performance indicators within many organizations, but what does this mean?  Many believe as I did for many years; accountability is taking responsibility for your mistakes and failures that were within your control.  This view of accountability brings with it a negative tone, thus the phrase that we have often …

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